Business Viability

The viability of a business is measured by its long-term survival and its ability to sustain profits over a period of time

A Focus on Small Business

With over 25 years experience in finance and business development, Business Viability Services is the leader in helping small businesses obtain the same advantages that Big Businesses enjoy. Our services and products are designed to build your business viability while saving you thousands per year. Our Representatives work with business owners individually to design a program that is designed to drive business growth.

Business Viability Solutions goes to the fact that a business needs to be credible and viable in order to obtain the resources to grow and expand their business. Your business has the ability to stand on it’s own entity. Yes it may have your personality, and yes it may run under your guidance but it is its own being. Each business can built it’s own credit, it’s own stature and can be considered a asset for easy approvals from lenders, vendors and other creditors.

A large company like Google, may have hundreds even thousands of owners because of their listing on the stock exchange. Yes, they have a board of directors who are involved through majority vote in the running of the company. But as they apply for credit, whether its financing, leasing property, or setting up a vendor account, they don’t go to every shareholder or even the board of directors. They will discuss with the credit department the options, review documents, review business credit and base their approval on the credit worthiness of the company alone. No, the CEO or any of the shareholders do not personally guarantee anything! This is the same for many small businesses across the world. It is buying power!

As business owners too, we understand what is involved in the daily day to day operations of a business. Business owners get pulled in various directions everyday and it takes fortitude just to keep going. But with the concentration on sales and driving money to pay the employees and bills many other important components may lack attention. This in return can impede the ability for the business to obtain the low cost financing that is needed to maintain cash flow and grow the business.

Our programs are designed to not only save you money but provide a means that will grow your business. Together we design a program that meets your goals, handling everything from back end support to lead generation that will provide the business with the optimal financing and growth you desire, and we do it for one small monthly fee that is budget sensitive. Small business is an important aspect to any community and we are focused on helping these businesses, throughout the country, prosper and be recognized for their dynamic contribution to the betterment of their local areas.

We Got Your Back

A personalized program that builds viability saving you thousands, increases the ability to obtain cash and maintain cash flow and provides you with increased purchasing power.