Business Viability

The viability of a business is measured by its long-term survival and its ability to sustain profits over a period of time

Business Solutions that Create Viability

it takes many working components to keep a business growing year after year, these components create the viability of the business. Viability is something that lenders, vendors, Insurance Companies, and even prospective employees look at.

Viability relies on the way your financials, bank accounts, marketing, visibility, and customer retention. 

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Business Viability is the basis of building credit based solely on the business entity. It creates a platform where the entity is visible, financially fit, and has credit stature. 

No matter what type of industry, having business viability allows these businesses to borrow more at low interest rates and at longer terms. Without any personal guarantee.

Viability means visibility, but not only being able to be seen, but to be able to express who and what your business is in a clear concise method. 

Viability is the process of creating the image of your business that is not confusing, easy to find and expresses exactly what the business sells or services.

When all the pieces are put together your business entity is rewarded with better terms with vendors, which means better purchasing power. Access to cash flow when you need, making it easier to expand and grow. Better visibility for customers to find you which leads to an increase in business. Better Quality leading to high customer satisfaction. And the business has now become more valuable to potential buyers and/or investors.

Viability and Long Term Success

Each year thousands of new businesses open up and thousands go out of business. What does it take to be able to sustain long term success?

Many businesses fail before they can even get started because of the lack of cash. This is where most business owners fall into the whirlpool of stagnation and demise.  Starting a business can be a drain on the bank account as you begin your entrepreneurial venture, this leads to using personal credit cards, family(borrow from family only if you want to ruin the relationship), and what ever other source you can find till the well runs out. Then it’s all about just trying to keep the business afloat, Owners become employees and end up working the business in lieu of working on the business. As a result, the owner has ruined their personal credit and the business becomes stagnant. The paperwork,the inventory and the other little things that are important to building a viable business sit on the back burner, making the situation even worse.  Some meddle through their business life this way for a long time, others make rash decisions or just can’t find a way and end up shutting their doors.

Successful business owners are no different than anyone else who is starting or running a business. The only thing they did different was learn that certain steps needed to be taken in order to maintain cash flow, which is the key component to growth. 

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Services That Build Viability While saving You Money

  • Prompt Billing & Collections
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Build Business Credit
  • Discounted Funding and Cash Flow
  • Enhanced Vendor and Creditor Negotiations
  • True Business Viability and Credibility
  • Faster Growth
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services
  • Payroll
  • Business Listing on Over 70 sites
  • Image Builder
  • and much more